Pulse-jet Dust Collector

A pulse-jet dust collector also known as pulse jet baghouse and pulse jet fabric filter refers to a dust collector using a pulse-jet cleaning system to remove the collected dust particles from the surface of the filter media by injecting high-pressure compressed air, with or without a venturi, into the top of the filter bags to backflush the filter bags vigorously.

This method creates a show wave that travels down the filter bag, knocking the dust away from the filter medium. Normally, this method is employed in conjunction with felted filter media but can also be used with porous rigid media such as polymer, metallic or ceramic filter media. The pulse-jet dust collectors can be equipped by filter media shaped as a bag, a cartridge, an envelope also called pocket filter or pleated elements.

The filter bag is open at the top and closed at the bottom, being fixed on the tube sheet at the top. With this configuration, the dust is collected on the outside of the filter bag. The filter bag normally contains a metallic cage to keep the filter bag from collapsing. Usually a row of filter bags is cleaned simultaneously by introducing compressed air briefly at the top of the filter bag.

The shock wave thereby created drives the dust particles off the outside of the filter bag and down into the hopper. The flow of dirty gas to the bags is continued even during the cleaning process therefore the baghouses are often not subdivided when pulse-jet cleaning is employed.