Ultrasonic Deaerator

Ultrasonic Deaerator or Defoamer are used to remove small suspended gas-bubbles from the liquid and often reduces the level of dissolved gas below its natural level.

The sound waves are propagate using an ultrasonic horn into the liquid media result in alternating high-pressure and low-pressure cycles, with rates depending on the frequency.

During the low-pressure cycle, the ultrasonic waves can create small vacuum bubbles or voids in the liquid. The large number of small bubbles generates a high total bubble surface area.

The bubbles are also well distributed in the liquid. Dissolved gas migrates into these vacuum (low pressure) bubbles via the large surface area and increases the size of the bubbles.

The acoustic waves increase the coalescence of adjacent bubbles leading to an accelerated growth of the bubbles.

The sonication waves will also help to shake bubbles off vessel surfaces and will force smaller bubbles resting below the liquid surface to rise through and release the entrapped gas to the environment.