Single Stage Units Electrostatic Precipitator

In a single-stage unit electrostatic precipitator, the charging and collection steps take place within the same region.

The single-stage unit electrostatic precipitator has two configurations, tubulars or plates where collected dust can be removed either by rapping in the case of dry precipitator or by liquid film in the case of wet precipitator.

Plate electrostatic precipitators consist of a chamber containing a series of discharge electrode (wire) space along the center line of adjacent plate. Dirty gas flows into the chamber where the charged particles migrate to and are collected at oppositely charged collection plates. Collected particles are usually removed by rapping (dry precipitator) or by liquid film (wet precipitator). Particles fall by force of gravity into hoppers where they are stored prior to removal and final disposal.

The tubular electrostatic precipitators consist of cylindrical collection electrodes with discharge electrodes located in the center of the cylinders. Dirty gas flows into the cylinder where precipitation occurs. The collected dust is removed by washing the tubes with water sprays located directly above the tubes.